Social dwelling building, parking and municipal cleaning services 

at 52 Margaritas St, Madrid . 2006

To get a high efficiency  Eneres has looked the maximum advantage of the natural condition we have, to achieve the maximum comfort conditions with the minimum possible consumption , taking advantage of one of the biggest resources that we have in Madrid, the sun resource, in addition we have used the geothermal resource.

  • Construction of 33 new apartments, municipal cleaning services facilities, and semiautomatic parking with 46 spaces 
  • Rectangular layout with central patio with four levels above ground and two below ground 
  • Exterior enclosure with ceramic ventilated façade and brise-soleil protection elements that allow the passage of light according to the solar incidence 
  • Exterior corridors that allow cross ventilation in dwellings.


Building Promoter 
Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda y Suelo de Madrid, EMVS 
Luis de Pereda, Joaquín Lizasoaín

Interview about the Apolonio Morales 29 project
Interview with Luis de Pereda in the Parken3 Magazine Bauwelt Special about the Apolonio Morales 29 project