The Company

ENERES provides comprehensive services for Energy Efficiency in Building and Urban Planning. These services include all necessary processes for renovating existing buildings, constructing new buildings and undertaking new urban developments.

Integral energy services  
Sustainable energy systems
Energy recovery from wastewater and sewage
Thermoactive structures and foundations
Energy management of water systems

We bet for Sustainability!

Innovation and development

ENERES performs all the necessary tasks to achieve energy efficiency and efficient energy management in the building.

Preliminary studies and diagnostics
Determining strategies
Construction work
Maintenance and renovation plans and management
Monitoring, checking and correcting
Measuring and quantifying savings

Guaranteed energy savings

ENERES guarantees its customers energy savings in all projects. Our company includes technicians trained by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) who are qualified to:

Measure and check energy and water savings in energy efficiency projects.
Manage financial risks and monitor energy saving contracts.
Calculate reductions in carbon emissions in energy efficiency projects.
Promote sustainable construction, or improve the efficiency of existing installations, with a precise and effective methodology identifying water and energy savings.

Projects, clients, agreements

ENERES is active in urban development processes, new construction and renovation, new residential developments, collective and single-family housing, optimizing energy in factories and industrial buildings, energy rehabilitation of public and, administrative buildings, universities, and buildings for education and teaching including research centres and libraries. 
The many customers of ENERES include local government agencies and state universities, public housing developments, private developers, industrial companies and retail outlet chains. ENERES has also served as a consultant, at the project stage, to quantity surve-yors and designers.

ENERES has signed collaboration agreements to study the Energy Efficiency of the campus and buildings of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and participates with European University in specific training programs for the Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency.

Human team

Our team consists of expertised engineers in the areas of building and energy, ar­chitects and surveyors, accountants and administrative experts. We work at our cor­porate headquarters in a building which is, itself, a model of energy efficiency and shows the capabilities of our team to use and regenerate efficient spaces thanks to a compre­hensive renovation process.
We use sophisticated methods for studying, modelling and simulating the beha-viour of buildings and have developed our own analysis methods and in-house applications for a variety of different situations.

We have established cooperation and technology exchange agreements with leading manufacturers and installers in Spain. We are also technological partners and custodians of 35 years of experience in R&D, engineering and construction with enercret, a world leader in thermoactive structural geothermal exchange systems for air conditioning.