School of Health Sciences. Aveiro. Portugal. 2012. ENERES.

Thermoactive foundation and air pretreatment. Air and Water geothermal exchange with and thermoactive structures in the air conditioning system.

The integration of thermoactive foundations systems and the use of all building slabs as thermoactive climate control systems,is associated to this building  with the use of geothermal energy as a renewable resource for air conditioning and heat treatment of fresh air.

The reduction of thermal energy consumption associated with the application of these resources to the air conditioning is 75%.

The use of the underground chamber is where the building’s air renovation makes  the geothermal pretreatment, air energy recovery associated with high performance, and air quality control for the renovation, is a device which is a significant reduction in energy demand 

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GBCI-Europe lists Apolonio Morales Project among the 8 most sustainable buildings in Europe