Office Building renovation with mechanical car park system 

Madrid 2009. Calle Apolonio Morales 29

This case is an intervention model in the renovation of an 800 m2 office building in a residential and high level business high area First Special Mention Awards for Best Geothermal Instalation in the Industrial and Service sector, 2009 in Madrid.

Building typology: 
  • Rectangular layout, with basement, ground floor, first floor and roof 
  • Removing the obsolete heating, ventilating and air conditioning system 
  • Replacement of exterior enclosures 
  • Implantation of geothermal exchange systems: 
  • Vertical exchangers 
  • Thermoactive piles 
  • Thermoactive slabs 
  • Grammer panels as pre-heating air elements 
  • Passive Devices 
  • Solar regulation and accumulation elements 
  • Control systems integration demand 

Oficinas Apolonio Morales

Construction works: 
Integral restoration of the building maintaining its concrete structure, joists and vaults. Pit cons-truction for a semiautomatic parking in the existing courtyard 
Intervention: structure, roof and installations 
Execution of a semiautomatic parking for 14 cars 
Geothermal system based on thermoactive piles, vertical exchangers, and inertial slabs as efficient installation of air conditioning and refrigeration. 
Implementation of passive bio-climatic measures to decrease building´s overall demand. 

Semiautomatic IPS Parklift parking for 14 cars 
The exchangers are inside the 10m depth 23 piles built in the car park retaining wall, the exchangers are inside the 10m depth 23 piles built in the car park retaining wall, and satisfy 25% of the building´s energetyc needs. The remaining 75% is provided by 6 vertical exchangers at a depth of 100m. 

Building Promoter and Construction Co. 
Fernández Molina Obras y Servicios 
IEI - Instituto Europeo de Investigación / MM Arquitectura de bajo impacto
Eneres Services
Integral Concept of Energy / Architecture